The Delines


The debut album from The Delines, Colfax is a  timeless collection of songs with the intimacy of a midnight confessional. Like a beat-up Dusty Springfield after too many long nights working a dreary after-hours bar, Colfax has the skid row heart of Tom Waits, the street-tough weariness of early Rickie Lee Jones, and the cool, laid back sound of Mazzy Star.  The Delines features Amy Boone (Damnations TX) singing songs by Willy Vlautin (Richmond Fontaine).

Willy Vlautin; guitar, songs
Amy Boone; vocals, piano
Sean Oldham; drums
Tucker Jackson; pedal steel
Freddy Trujillo; bass
Jenny Conlee-Drizos; keyboards
Collin Oldham; cello
Deborah Kelly; vocals
Michael Crow; swell fella, Austin engineer
John Askew; producer

Praise for “Colfax”

Boone’s got the kind of voice you might hear in a bar that hasn’t seen daylight since the roof went on, where it’s always a long time ago on a jukebox that plays only country and western, five cents a teardrop.
Allan Jones, Uncut Magazine. 9 out of 10

The lyrics of these eleven songs effectively vivid short stories populated by bruised characters. Musically, it’s country soul territory, with Boone a damaged Dusty Springfield in I Got My Shadows and a desperate Bobbie Gentry combing the night streets for her drunken missing brother in Colfax Avenue.
Tom Doyle, Q Magazine. 4 Stars